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Why Start?

If 20 percent of your members own 80 percent of the burden, then

1) you have a normal church, and 2) your church doesn’t have to stay that way.


Believe more buy-in from your congregation would create more impact in your community?


Desire to help shape and foster more personal spiritual growth within your community?

Still want to know why you should start now? Watch this video!


Aspire to empower more people to fight for the vision and engage in leadership?


Want to make it easer for people to sign up and engage in community?

What People are saying...

The 80/20 Challenge gave me instant feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of my spiritual growth.

Kelly, Commercial Real Estate Broker

It adds a human quality to the site and makes me feel like my journey as a Christian is not one I am doing all on my own

Caleb, High School Teacher

Built great momentum and buy in from our young church plant!

Ken, Church Planter