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Our Strategy

Discover. Train. Exercise.

Our software is designed to reverse the 80/20 rule in your church by employing a simple strategic plan. By helping each person in your church Discover their true commitment to your vision, Train in needed growth areas, and Exercise their God-given spiritual gifts, a greater percentage of members will experience the joy and responsibility of true ownership of the vision.

80/20 Challenge Video Tour

Discover true commitment; Train needed growth areas; Exercise spiritual gifts.

What people are saying...

It's an invaluable tool for churches to track the spiritual progress of its individual parishioners as well as the church as a whole. Highly recommended!

Jason, Web Developer

The test was easy and the results have served as a catalyst for deeper and more meaningful conversations with my wife, my pastor and my life group.

Dan, Media Specialist

[The 80/20 Challenge] allows us to see where our members are spiritually in their walk, and then it allows us to train as pastors specifically to our core values and our people

John Blue, pastor of Pacific Point Church in Irvine, CA