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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions are important. Feel free to take a minute and see the answers to questions we most often receive. If there are any questions not covered, please feel free to give us a call

What is the 80/20 Challenge?

The 80/20 Challenge is a strategic online tool that helps your church members gain clarity on your churches vision and engage with the day to day mission.

Is The 80/20 Challenge difficult to implement?

Not at all. The process is simple and intuitive and of course we are here to help you all along the way.

What’s the best first step to take?

Our short online demo will answer all your questions. If you like what you see we will give your church its own platform to start customizing. From there your leadership can begin to test and explore all our tools and features.

Which 80/20 tools are most used by churches?

Churches love taking advantage of our database, email features, custom surveys and of course the ability to build custom vision tests.

Can 80/20 replace my church's Database?

Absolutely! Not only will it replace it, it will allow your member information to become incredibly more useful.

How is my church member’s information updated?

Unlike most church databases, The 80/20 Challenge allows for both the church and its members to update data. This allows for not only more member information, but more correct member data.

Is the 80/20 Challenge difficult to update?

If you have ever used email or Microsoft word, you know all you need to know.

Is the 80/20 Application Secure?

Yes. We run a secure encrypted site so all the data we host is 100% secure

How do I know we won't loose the data we've collected?

We host and back everything up on cloud servers. In short, this means whenever we need more storage space Rackspace (our sever provider) automatically adds space. Much like overdraft protection that banks offer, but for memory storage.

What are the terms of use?

We provide basic terms of use for you and your members to agree to. We also provide your church the ability top add to the terms if you desire to cover added elements.

Does The 80/20 Challenge work on smart phones and IPads?

Yes! Our platform is configured to work on any platform with Internet.

What if I get started on the platform and don’t like it?

In short, if you don’t feel the Application meets your standards or expectations you can opt out at anytime.

Can The 80/20 Challenge handle online giving?

Yes. We can an integrate system that can handle all types of giving and tracking. If you already have a giving platform, we can link or integrate into it.

Who is Using The 80/20 Challenge?

Churches ranging from 50-5000 members are currently using our platform. We also work with several global Denominations.