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Unstoppable Vision

Through our customized vision assessment tools, gain insight into how your members are responding to your vision.

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Empowered Database

Our platform is a member driven, informational tool that enables you to send targeted emails, surveys and announcements to your church at anytime, and to any segment.

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Engaged Members

Give your members the ability to update their profiles, join a small group, start a ministry, give online, and sign up for events; all in real-time from anywhere, at anytime.

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Personalized Platform

Regardless of your technical know-how, our easy to use platform allows you to customize the tool to reflect your vision, core values and style.

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Integrated Giving

Increase giving at your church by providing your members a platform to schedule, track and manage donations.

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Enjoy our story...

The 80/20 Challenge was created by Pastor Josh Hotsenpiller. Recalling the 80/20 Rule, a lesson learned in a Business Management class (which states that 20% of the people own 80% of the wealth), it occurred to Josh that the 80/20 Rule might actually play out in the church community in terms of the vision, volunteer efforts, and financial commitment of the members.

Unfortunately in the typical local church, 20% of the people tend to own 80% of the vision, volunteer efforts and financial commitment. There is no question that the challenge in most churches is to reverse the typical 80/20 trend, resulting in an increased number of people actively participating in ministry.

Using his software background Hotsenpiller set off to build an easy to use, online software tool that would empower people to become owners of the vision in their church.

In just a short period of time, many churches have begun to take The 80/20 Challenge and have discovered this simple truth: When empowered pastors lead empowered people the local church cannot be stopped!

What Pastors are saying...

This software offers a practical tool for personalizing spiritual development and discipleship training for each person and gives them practical steps to grow in core areas.

William, Regional Missions Director CM&A

Great to promote church health, buy in for our core values, and to receive reports.

Bill, National Church Planting Director CM&A

Built great momentum and buy in from our young church plant!

Ken, Church Planter